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SEO for Bloggers

SEO Tips for Bloggers

The purpose of a blog has shifted since the beginning of the web. Once it was a convenient way of telling site visitors about what was new on the site. It truly was a web log, like a captain’s log of a ship, telling the reader what changed on the site on different dates. Some of these blogs were detailed, identifying subtle changes in text, and some were broad just telling the reader if any new significant content was added to the site. These blogs changed and started to include personal notes. Then, the blog became the content.

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Simple SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

A Simple SEO Strategy for Small Businesses

Whether you are launching a brand new website or redesigning an existing website, as a small business, you have a certain expectation of results from your investment. In some cases, the small business website was created because you were told by friends, colleagues, and bloggers all businesses need a website. You may not be quite sure why, other than no one uses the phone book anymore.Read More »A Simple SEO Strategy for Small Businesses