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SEO Services

SEO Campaigns

Francis Digital Marketing in Chicago focuses on four types of SEO campaigns: technical, on-page, local, and link building.

Each of these campaign types begins with an audit and then a detailing of the expected results of the campaign including what key performance indicators will be used to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Technical SEO Campaigns

Technical SEO campaigns can only be done when a web developer is readily available or if Francis Digital Marketing has backend access to the website.

A Technical SEO campaign will focus on fixing internal 301/302 redirects, 404 errors, mixed-content issues affecting the security of the site, and page speed issues which could include improperly optimized images or javascript.

The full scope of the Technical SEO campaign will be defined in the audit.

On-Page SEO Campaigns

On-Page SEO campaigns are the most common and include everything from re-optimization of page titles and meta descriptions, keyword research, rewriting current content, building out additional content, and creating conversion funnels linking pages tied to Top-of-Funnel keywords to pages with higher conversion. Internal linking can also be analyzed to make sure the links are supporting the keywords of the pages they are pointing to.

An On-Page SEO campaign scope depends a lot on the size of the website and the level of competition, but as will most campaigns, begins with an audit to determine what exactly needs to be done.

Local SEO Campaigns

A Local SEO campaign is one of the most effective and immediately rewarding campaign a small business can run. A Local SEO campaign focuses on the Google My Business listing and making sure it is fully optimized, the Google Map listing, and the most important review/referral directories for the business – usually Yelp or TripAdvisor.

The scope of a Local SEO campaign is determined by an audit.

Link Building Campaigns

Link building or link acquisition is a complex process and is an SEO campaign Francis Digital Marketing rarely takes on. We have a view that there is a diminishing return for link building, that at a certain point, the links built do not translate into additional revenue.

Francis Digital Marketing can do a gap analysis between your website and your competitors, determine where they are getting backlinks from that you should also be getting backlinks from, and do an outreach campaign to those locations.

Backlinks from outreach campaigns are not guaranteed.

For additional links, if you feel you want them, Francis Digital Marketing works with influencer marketing experts and a link building service.

Analytics and Reporting

Whichever campaign you choose to run for your website, you will need to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Analytics and Reporting is an important part of digital marketing and Francis Digital Marketing will provide you automated monthly reports based on the agreed upon KPIs of the campaigns you are running.

A guidance document will also be included, providing an analysis of the reported data as well as recommendations for next steps.