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Digital Marketing in Chicago

Is your digital marketing getting you what you need to grow your business? Small businesses rely on their digital marketing to build their brand and to increase their sales. Marketing efforts can be inefficient, burning through budgets with weak results or they can be powerful engines of growth. Which is yours?

Know What Is Happening

The first step in building your powerful marketing engine is knowing what is happening with your marketing channels. How do you know? Audits and reports give you the information you need.

Audit each digital marketing channel to benchmark and measure performance.

Analyze the Reports

Each audit provides insight into your marketing channels but without analysis, any audit or report is just data. An audit can tell you what is wrong and what is right. With this knowledge you can fix the wrong and repeat the right.

Reports let you know which marketing efforts are most effective and which are a drain of resources. With this knowledge, you can invest more in what is working and trim away the weak.

Implement the Recommendations

With the information and analysis comes recommended actions. Making sure these actions are taken in a timely fashion is a vital aspect of making your digital marketing a powerful engine for growth.

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What Can I Do For Your Business?

Marketing Reports

Audits and reports delivered from specialized tools and services.

  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Monthly Site Audits
  • Weekly Keyword Tracking Reports
  • Monthly Brand Monitoring Reports
  • Weekly Social Media Tracking Reports
  • Quarterly Backlink Audits
  • Quarterly Competitor Keyword and Backlink Gap Reports
  • Ongoing Site Monitoring
  • Quarterly SEO Audits

Marketing Recommendations

Each month will come with recommendations on how to improve your marketing. This includes content recommendations to widen your search funnel and strategy recommendations. You will received these recommendations in the following formats:

  • On the Marketing Dashboard
  • In an Emailed Guidance Document
  • Web Presentation as Needed
  • Video Status Updates

The recommendations are clear and actionable and accompanied with relevant documentation to explain the purpose of the recommendation and the desired result of enacting the recommendation.

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Audit Your Digital Marketing Channels

All relationships are built on a foundation of trust. Allow me to earn your trust with an audit. The audit will analyze the SEO of your website and look for opportunities to increase traffic to your site.

How to Get Your Audit?

I offer a comprehensive audit of your website, including a competitor analysis with recommendations on content and SEO improvements for a reasonable price.

Complete the following form and I will contact you within 2 business days to discuss and arrange your site audit.

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