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What Can I Do For Your Business?

Marketing Reports

Audits and reports delivered from specialized tools and services.

  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Monthly Site Audits
  • Weekly Keyword Tracking Reports
  • Monthly Brand Monitoring Reports
  • Weekly Social Media Tracking Reports
  • Quarterly Backlink Audits
  • Quarterly Competitor Keyword and Backlink Gap Reports
  • Ongoing Site Monitoring
  • Quarterly SEO Audits

Marketing Recommendations

Each month will come with recommendations on how to improve your marketing. This includes content recommendations to widen your search funnel and strategy recommendations. You will received these recommendations in the following formats:

  • On the Marketing Dashboard
  • In an Emailed Guidance Document
  • Web Presentation as Needed
  • Video Status Updates

The recommendations are clear and actionable and accompanied with relevant documentation to explain the purpose of the recommendation and the desired result of enacting the recommendation.