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Content Marketing

Keyword Research

Growing relevant traffic to your website begins with having the right content. Content providing answers to your customers’ questions provides value to the people visiting your website and has the best chance of attracting natural links. This content optimized for how people do search grows your traffic, your authority, and eventually the trust others have in your website.

All of this starts with quality keyword research, analyzing Google Trends, and studying the search engine results pages.

SEO Copywriting

There are a lot of great writers out there and you can take great writing and optimize it for organic search, or you can have a writer who already knows how to write with SEO in mind.

SEO Copywriting is more than writing for search, it is writing for conversion as well. It is about breaking up the copy into bite sized chunks, creating enough content to be useful, and organizing it in a logical flow with headers to cleanly summarize the sections.

I work with several skilled copywriters who are also great writers, capable of doing the research and pulling together the information in an entertaining and digestible way.

Conversion Optimization

Quality keyword research with SEO copywriting brings in relevant organic traffic to the page. Conversion optimization helps the visitors to the page take the action you need them to take. Not every page leads to a direct conversion due to the page’s position in the sales funnel.

Pages high in the sales funnel may have a different conversion goal than pages lower in the sales funnel. For example, a page high in the sales funnel would most likely align with an Awareness type search and the conversion goal of that page is to move the visitor deeper into the site. Get them to consume more than one page of content.

On the other hand, a transaction page that comes up in search has the goal of getting the visitor to buy something or become a qualified lead.

Knowing the purpose of the page and how to guide the visitor to take the converting action is vital to a healthy and successful website. Our content creation focuses on removing friction and getting visitors to stay in the sales funnel, no matter how they arrive on the site.