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12 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

12 Ways You Can Improve Your Site Without Hiring an SEO Specialist

Whether your website is new or been around for awhile, it needs SEO (search engine optimization). Looking for an SEO to work on your website can be a challenge, just wading through all the different types of SEO is a bit nightmarish.

Then you have to look at the service offerings and attempt to decipher if they are appropriate for your website and if they will give you the types of results you need for your business.

Before you hire someone, here are twelve actions you can take on your own to improve your site. These actions do not require a lot of technical knowledge. At the very least, you will need to be able to access the backend of you website to complete all of these tasks.

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What is an SEO Marketing Campaign?

When you begin doing digital marketing and touch upon search engine optimization (SEO), you quickly come across mentions of doing SEO campaigns. If you work for an agency sometimes your SEO efforts are classified as a campaign. When you look at what is considered a campaign in other areas of marketing and compare it to the actions related to SEO, there seems to be a distinct difference.

Marketing campaigns usually are about targeting a specific market segment with messaging and visuals to either improve sales, improve brand recognition, or improve reputation. This is not a definitive guide on marketing campaigns but I wanted to provide a few examples that hopefully you will recognize.

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