Weekly Digital Marketing News

This is a running record of news and articles about digital marketing and SEO.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest news about SEO and digital marketing is a vital aspect of providing SEO service. This is an evolving industry and we work at the whim of the platforms on which our websites appear. Below are current curated news articles and blog posts relevant to the ever-changing world of SEO and digital marketing.

Comparing SEO to PPC

SEO and PPC are different, if that wasn’t obvious, but they both share the same purpose: bringing relevant visitors to a website.

Google launches new video series: SEO Mythbusting

Will this new video series from Google help educate and clarify how websites can best work with the search engine to get fair treatment in organic search or will it only further confuse and obfuscate?

How to make a seo business model that is profitable in 2019

A very simplistic breakdown of what an SEO business should do to be successful. Most of this advice is very basic and not actionable.

Technical SEO Is a Necessity, Not an Option

Technical SEO has always been a key part of proper optimization, but it lacks the ‘fun’ of content and the ‘thrill’ of link building.

Google’s Shift from Answers to Journeys: What Does It Mean for SEO?

For anyone relying on search for business, this is an important change in how search is being looked at by Google. It isn’t about a singular search anymore. What starts off as a “how to save money on my heating” query can result in “how to clean my furnace” to “furnace repair and maintenance near me”.

Is SEO Strategy Losing Its Sheen?

A collection of data showing that small businesses are still investing in efforts that while not always directly related to SEO, are efforts that have been known to assist in websites being found in organic search.

Create a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy Using These Four Steps

A simple 4 step plan that encompasses several major digital marketing concepts.

When Should Law Firms Opt for PPC over SEO?

This is about immediacy. SEO campaigns take time. PPC can gain immediate access to leads and sales but at a cost.

How to Integrate Your Digital Marketing and Social Media Plan for Online Success

PODCAST: The latest episode of The Social Zoom Factor is offing insights into how to strategize for a changing marketplace.